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Inside Amesbury Pets you can find the perfect accessories for your pet:

For dog owners, a sturdy and great looking collar and lead, a sensible dog bowl and a comfy dog bed are essential for all sizes of dog. If you’re looking for training and engagement accessories we have an assortment of dog toys and training accessories.

Your cat, is going need the right cat litter and litter tray and maybe a sturdy scratching post to keep your keep your cat busy and engaged for hours. Then help them relax in a comfortable bed or basket. If your cat likes to go outdoors you can consider a microchip cat flap to let them come and go as they want whilst keeping out unwelcome visitors.

If you have rabbits, guinea pigs or other small furries we have loads for them too. We also provide food, accessories and more for your reptiles and fish.

Amesbury Pets full colour logo

Sorry we currently not taking orders via website. But feel free to look around and come in store