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Looking after your Guinea Pigs this winter

Guinea Pigs cannot cope with the cold weather and really must be brought indoors or kept in a shed or garage until the weather gets warm again.

Bringing them inside:

  • If you can bring them inside it will ensure that they are warm enough.
  • Get them a run or make a room safe so they can get some exercise every day rather than being kept in their cage.
  • It will also be beneficial in keeping them warm and away from the cold.
  • If you can’t bring the hutch inside, then you can buy indoor cages that can be kept on a table or worksurface, they are available in a range of sizes, though obviously the bigger the cage, the better for the guinea pig.

Keeping your Guinea Pig in a shed or garage:

  • Make sure that they have access to natural light and that they have a clean environment to breathe.
  • They need warm, dry draught proof home. For example, a bed with shredded paper or straw.
  • Damp is one of the biggest killers for guinea pigs, make sure their sleeping areas are warm and dry.
  • Don’t leave them and abandon them over the winter time. They need lots of attention and petting at all times, no matter the weather.
  • Get a good stock of food in, timothy hay, and ensure they have a good supply of water to keep them well hydrated.

Keeping Guinea Pigs outside during the winter is not recommended, they do not cope with the cold weather as they have little bodies, check your Guinea Pigs regularly as they cannot tell you what is wrong.

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